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Realtors are often asked, "why would I want to pay a Realtor all that money to sell my home?" The answer: it pays you more than it costs!
Here's why: several years ago, the National Association of Realtors studied this same question by comparing the prices and market times of people who tried to sell their own homes and "save" the commission. What did they find out? It doesn't work!
1. Of all the people who tried to sell their own homes, 91% of them quit trying after 30 days and listed with a Realtor. (It CAN be scary to see who comes to your door unannounced!) 
2. Those who paid the commission sold for a price 9.7% higher than those who "saved" the commission.

The bottom line is that 91% of the time it didn't work, and when it did, it COST them more money than they saved. WHY?

The buyers know you are saving money, and they expect you to take it all from YOUR side of the transaction. Realtors are in a position to PRE-QUALIFY the buyer to be sure you're selling to someone who's got the cash and CAN get the home loan (and who will REALLY close the sale!). Advertising is VERY EXPENSIVE. Yet if you don't advertise what you have EVERYDAY, buyers won't know what you have to sell!

So, when you decide to sell, think seriously about using me as your Realtor!  

Real Estate Selling Tips

Did you ever wonder why one house will sell so much faster than another? Often it's the famous: Location, Location, Location.

However, here are a few hints that will make any home sell faster:

1. Good Curb Appeal: When it comes to homes, first impressions are important. So, if the lawn needs to be mowed, reseeded, or watered regularly, do so. An unkempt lawn is a turn-off and could cost you time and money when selling your home. And make sure the landscaping is attractive.  Drive around looking at landscaping or call in a professional if necessary. 

2. Exterior Paint Color: Again, first impressions are important. You want the home to look inviting. So, although you may be tempted to paint those wild colors, you' re generally better off to pick something kind of neutral (although there are exceptions). And if the house needs painting, do so. Many people decide they don't want to look inside a house just by driving past.

3.Interior Colors:  If you've done the above properly, people will want to see inside your house. When referring to interior colors, often less is better. One of the worst examples of too much color I have ever seen was in a house where the owner obviously liked bright blue. So, there was bright blue floors, blue countertops, blue cabinets, and blue walls. I like blue also, but too much of a good thing is just too much! Anyone that didn't want a bright blue interior would have a major expense to replace everything. Generally, the prospective buyer will go elsewhere or will significantly reduce their offer.

4.Repairs:   Fix the things that need to be fixed. Little things left unrepaired will make the prospective buyer think that if you haven't  fixed the little things, surely you didn't fix the big things either.

5.And Finally---Ask your RealtorĀ® for Guidance: If they are an experienced agent, they have a good idea what will sell and what won't. They are there to help you sell your house for the best possible price, so don't hesitate to ask.  



One of the great challenges to selling a home can be showing all of its space, decor and natural light potential. For example, every home has crowded closets and dead space. Sellers should be aware that areas such as these are easy to spruce-up with a little elbow grease and old-fashioned innovation.

Begin by evaluating your closet/storage space, determine which areas can cut-down in clutter. Go through old clothes, shoes, etc., and get rid of anything that will not be used and in turn create more space. Consider organizing shelves and other areas to make better use of your storage space, including your garage and basement. Also, try to throw out or give away any old furniture that is no longer of use. All of the discarded items can be given to Good Will, Salvation Army or even sold at a yard sale.

Although most sellers keep their homes clean and well-decorated, it can be difficult to convince a buyer of a home's potential when clutter is noticeable. As brokers, it's our responsibility to offer any tips that will expedite the sale and make the experience more enjoyable for the seller.

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